Which Are “Permanent Donor Sites/Zones”?

Which are “Permanent Donor Sites/Zones”?

Secret disclosed by hair transplant surgeon @ Atodaria Hair Transplant Center, Surat, Gujarat, India.

Approximately 5 to 6 centimeter scalp above both ears and over lower back side of scalp is considered as a “Permanent Donor zone”. In most of the bald persons, hairs of this zone/area remain normal in terms of growth, thickness & density.

The basic principle of hair transplant is “Donor Dominance” i.e. the transplanted hairs at recipient area will grow  till the hairs from where hairs have been taken [Donor area] are growing. If “Donor Area“ loose hairs or becomes bald then the recipient area will also becomes bald. So for “Successful & permanent hair transplant” it is very important to know the “Permanent donor Zone/Area”. If hair follicles are harvested from non-permanent or un-stable zone then those transplanted hairs will be lost as the baldness progress with age & you will need second hair transplant- classical examples are famous cricketer Virendra Sehwag & famous foot ball player Wayne Rooney.


How many Hair Follicles are there in “Permanent Donor Zone”?

Depending upon the density of hair follicles & size of scalp, there are 10000 to 18000 follicles in permanent zone.

Harvesting hair Follicles:

Strip Technique: 3000 to 5400 units can be harvested [depending upon laxity of scalp & density]

F.U.E. Technique: 2500 to 3500 units can be harvested from safe zone- considering 20 to 25 % of hair follicles harvested.

Combining Strip/FUT & FUE techniques:  5000 to 7000 units can be harvested. The combination is required in grade 5 , 6 & 7 baldness cases.

If the requirement of hair follicles is more than we might have to look for another donor sites like beard, chest, axillae & other areas where hairs are present- this is popularly known as “Body Hair Ttransplant”. The characteristics of body hairs are different than scalp hairs. So body hairs needs  to be used very smartly to give you a natural looking hairs & fullness.


Not all the persons have the same permanent zone. In many persons the baldness also progresses upwards- from nap of neck – this is known as “Retrograde Baldness”. In this type of cases the planning of hair transplant is very crucial so that the transplanted hairs remain on scalp.